Welcome to Ocean Springs archives, where you will discover and enjoy the beauty of the seaside town of Ocean Springs, Mississippi. This coastal spot in the USA is a popular place for visitors and tourists and is well loved by its locals. You can enjoy a diverse and welcoming community here on the Mexican Gulf and discover its gems, treasures, people, and wonderful sights.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi was founded by French Canadian soldiers at the birth of what’s now known as the United States of America. It is believed to have been established in April 1699 and incorporated in September 1892. Since then it has developed a warm and welcoming community that enjoys a diverse population and beautiful landscape.

Ocean Springs is situated in Jackson County, Mississippi and is part of the Pascagoula. The coastal town is a quiet and notably happy place, repeatedly voted as one of the most peaceful places to live by the sea in the US. As you read on on our website you will begin to see what makes it such a great place to visit and wonderful place to live.

Of the famous people who have lived in Ocean Springs, Walter Inglis Anderson, is one of the most beloved. The town is often regarded as an arts community, and Anderson was nationally known as a painter and lived in the town up until his death in 1965. You’ll often find many art festivals in the area, and the landscape itself is more than enough inspiration for any visiting artist.

Read on for inspiration of the nature surrounding Ocean Springs and hikes to enjoy in the area. You’ll soon see why it has the reputation it does and why it is a place that should definitely be on your bucket list as one to visit.