There is a cliche that says a change is as good as a rest. What this means is that, if individuals participate in different activities, instead of staying with the same ones, it gives them a change in their usual routine that is good for them. It helps to relieve the boredom that can set in with doing the same things for entertainment and activities all the time. There are two primary activities that individuals often indulge in, and they each have their own benefits.

Playing Games

A favorite activity of many individuals is playing games. One of the platforms they make use of is the Internet. Here they get to play some online pool games that are for single players, or they can opt for multiplayer action. The type of game chosen dictates the level of excitement and participation. Some games are more relaxing than others. Some games really heighten the senses and get the adrenalin rushing. Other forms of game playing are the type that includes sports activities and requires not only mental participation, but physical as well. For those that like to combine their physical and mental activities then this type of gameplay is ideal.


Hiking is another type of activity that is a favorite of many and creates a totally different experience. It focuses on both mental and physical activity. The difference here is that usually, the challenges presented by hiking are self-fulfilling. Meaning that the success doesn’t come from winning a game or being a star athlete, but comes from the hiker setting their own challenges and meeting these. Perhaps their challenge is to complete a particularly difficult hiking course. Upon successful completion, there is a great sense of accomplishment

No matter whether one is playing games or participating in an activity like hiking, self-satisfaction is the most rewarding aspect.