Ocean Springs is a great place to visit to unwind and relax. From the warm days to the spring water, the place screams relaxation. Many people choose to visit Ocean Springs with their family and rent cottages or see family and friends. No matter the reason, there is something for everyone who visits Ocean Springs.

If you are visiting with family, you may notice your kids running out of things to do despite the relaxing ambiance. Here are a few suggestions for games to play both with and without your kids to get the most out of your visit to Ocean Springs:

  • Eye spy: a traditional game that can keep players busy, kids and adults alike, for hours. This game also allows players to really take in and appreciate their surroundings.
  • Lawn games: from lawn bowling to badminton, there are many games you can play in the yard of the home you are staying in or even in public parks.
  • Card games: card games are great in the evening with friends around a fire or as the sun sets. There are kid-friendly card games, adult card games, and even card games that offer a chance to win money off of your friends.
  • Online games: Speaking of winning money, online casinos are a great option for the rainier or more low key days and evenings of your trip. Games such as clash royale PC are a great way to pass some time and to relax. If you’re looking for kid-friendly online games, there are a number of free game sites that offer games for children of all ages.
  • Races: organizing races amongst friends and family including scavenger hunts and bike races is another great way to get outside on nice days and take in all that Ocean Springs has to offer.