While Ocean Springs is a coastal town that is best enjoyed in its outdoor scenery, there are simply times to head inside, usually when the weather is not so good. For those who enjoy trips to museums and galleries, here’s a round up of the best galleries and museums to see in Ocean Springs.

Walter Anderson Museum of Art

As the name suggests, this museum of art holds collections from artist Walter Anderson. Even if you’ve never heard of Anderson, there is plenty to learn about his life along the way, and there is even a chance to buy some prints at the end.

Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum

Combining history with maritime, this unique museum has a little bit of everything. From vintage photos to history trails, shrimping exhibits, and tales of the recent hurricanes in the area, you’ll soon be up to scratch on everything maritime in Ocean Springs, with lots of newfound respect for the area.

Ocean Springs Museum of History

Although small, there is a lot packed in here and a trip will take a short 30-60 minutes. Even there is no ancient artifacts and dinosaurs exhibition like the ones you see in online dinosaur games on PC, this 300-year history of Ocean Springs has lots to tell, and this museum tells it well.

Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art

Named after local potter artist George Ohr, this museum combines art, architecture, history, and landscape for one unforgettable trip that is full of beauty, intrigue, information, and creativity. There is something here for everyone, and even the building itself is interesting.

Coastal Magpie

Okay, so this one isn’t strictly a museum or an art gallery, but it’s somewhere in between and worth checking out. Coastal Magpie is a small shop on Washington Avenue that we just love. It’s an Aladdin’s Cave of trinkets and gadgets and tourist treasures, you’ll find something different every time you visit. It’s not your run of the mill tourist shop, so it’s a great spot for unique gifts.